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Sohar is one of the most developed cities in Sultanate of Oman outside the capital Muscat. It is about 200 kilometres north of Muscat. Sohar was an ancient capital of Oman and it was traditionally a fishing town, but is more recently known as Oman's industrial hub due to the massive developments in Sohar.

Sohar has varied geographical environments, namely coastal area, desert and agricultural area. The majority of the villages in the wilayat is located in the mountainous region, while the rest of the villages are located in the  plains and the coastal strip of the Sea of Oman.

Sohar has many tourism spots of outstanding beauty. Sohar is also known for high mountains, which are a magnet for amateur mountain climbers. Also there are many wadis, both with water flowing and dry. Sohar is an year-round destination.

Many families and tourists visit Sohar regularly. Some of the best places are Wadi Al Jizzi, located along the Sohar-Buraimi street, Wadi Aahn, the second largest wadi in the Wilayat of Sohar after Wadi Al Jizzi, and Wadi Hibi, located about 20 km to the west of the Jizzi roundabout,  and it is characterised by abundant water.

Among other places of outstanding beauty are Wadi Lhalta, Wadi Salahi and other wadis in Sohar. In addition to the mountains and wadis, the clean beaches of Sohar attract many tourists, whether citizens or visitors.

Also, the Government of the Sultanate of Oman gives great attention to promote tourism by way of restoration of Sohar Fort and the creation of public parks. There are many parks in Sohar, including the Garden of Sohar and Park Jubeil al Fedhi. There are several hiking spots like Sea Road (the Corniche), located next to  Jubeil al Fedhi with facilities for children’s games.In addition to this, there is the Entertainment Centre in Sohar, which witnesses a high visitor turnout from all the neighbouring wilayats especially on important national occasions and weekends. Sohar World Cinema (City Cinemas), located in the centre of the city, also plays a big role in attracting tourists.

The private sector role in tourism promotion of the wilayat is growing in terms of several hotels and institutions that provide tourism services. New five-star hotels in Sohar such as Crowne Plaza play an important role.

The Ministry of Transport and  Communications saw the importance of an airport in Sohar, so they decided to build a new airport. The airport project started in 2009 and will finish in 2012.

Sohar Fort Museum
The Sohar Fort Museum was opened on November 17, 1993 on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the country's National Day to highlight the history of the city of Sohar and historical landmarks.

The museum showcases Sohar’s role in the cultural world and in trade as well as Islamic history and the contribution made by Omanis in the field of navigation. Their role in spreading  Islam in many parts of the world is also highlighted in the museum.

The museum also deals with the major role played by the city in ancient times in copper trade and its relationship with the city of Canton in China, in addition to a lot of artefacts found during archaeological excavations in the fort.

Sohar Fort Museum is full of artefacts giving information about the glorious past of the country which are of great historical value. It is one of the most important tourist destinations for visitors to the city and for students who want to discover history of Sohar and the depth of the Sultanate’s trade links with neighbouring civilizations.

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