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Ras Al Jinz Turtle Rserve
Ras Al Hadd, Oman

Ras Al Jinz - Circle of Life The Sultanate of Oman has a unique natural landscape, and offers unspoiled shorelines, golden deserts, luxuriant green oases and rugged mountains. It is also gifted with a rich biodiversity - especially in its marine life, due to the board climatic spectrum and unique location in the Indian Ocean. Oman has also a long tradition of arts and crafts that include shipbuilding, indigo dyeing, silverwork, potter, weaving and textiles, fragrance manufacture, woodwork, copper work, beekeeping, horse-breeding, camel-rearing and saddle-crafting This rich cultural heritage and natural abundance makes Oman a unique ecotourism destination. There are 14 conversation areas in the Sultanate including sanctuaries, nature reserves and natural parks-covering an approximate area of 29,844 Km2.

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